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There are a lot of things we expect from an Android app development company. While you want to develop an app that will be adopted on a massive scale in the market, you want to help the customers get an experience in the industry. Android smartphone applications have over 8o percent of the market share with its applications dominating worldwide. Android Application development has been dominated in the industry to offer intrinsic business solutions. For a business to grow, man small businesses and companies rely on Android applications. The Android applications are beneficial to the companies in different industries. Moreover, these applications have proved to be a formidable part of the business aspect in every industry.

However, many companies and businesses have worked hard to develop personal applications but not sure of how to proceed with this capability in this industry. They don’t know how to choose those business aspects of the company that matters most in the company and their intentions. While this is the case, these companies offer an insight of what it takes to develop a company in this industry. For you to succeed in this action as a company, you need a fully-fledged Android application development company to sustain our needs through these solutions. Let’s look at the top companies with the capability to develop the most sophisticated applications in the world. This list will give you the insight to choose a company that suits our particular needs.

1. Konstant Solutions

This is one of the premier software and application development companies in the world. They also offer a wide array of mobile and application development across the world since 2004. The company also has a team of more than 16- highly experienced and qualified Information Technology professionals to deliver the best technology in the solutions produced in many business models.

The Company Services

As a leading software and mobile application development firm, Kosntant Solutions provides a reliable mobile and web software solutions across Database Programming, Web Development, E-Commerce Solutions, UX Design Solutions, and Cross-Platform Mobile Application. The company also offers IT consultancy services to help businesses get a trendy and delightfully tailored solution according to their budget.

2. Appster

This is one of the most famous companies that develop top-notch applications in the industry. For the people who have imaginations and ideas, this application provides the best solutions for business. They are the best choice for startup companies due to their pricing. Implementing vitality and retention for improving strategy execution in a business development platform is their main purpose in this industry. Appster was founded in 2011 to become a leading technologist company. It is also ranked among the fastest growing IT firms in the United States. The company also values their clients as well as their employees. Due to their innovation ideas, their products have been adopted on a massive scale in this industry. The aim of the company is to make their enterprises more accessible to anyone in this industry.

Services Provided

Appster helps in scaling, marketing, and improving the ideas made by their clients. The company also has a team of experienced Android and iOS providers in a range of solutions. They also work with other companies to develop the most sophisticated business platform.

3. July Rapid

July Rapid is a company working with the July Systems as a boutique application studio. The company operates at the intersection of innovation design, disruptive technologies, and creative thinking in all their solutions. For over 15 years of professional experience in this industry, the company has pushed forward to become a high-end solution concerning technology and innovation. Its experience in the industry has led to the development of cloud infrastructure management to help you scale up to 50 million users.

Services Provided

IPhone App Development, App Design, and the Wearable Application development is one of their main concerns in the industry. However, the company has also ventured more into Web Development, App Marketing, and App Management.

4. Clavax Technologies

The company was founded in 2011. The San Jose-based firm is well-known for collecting their clients with the most sophisticated IT solutions in the industry. Some of their highly-esteemed clients of the company include Bookfair,, Aurora, Honeywell, and many others. The Clavax teams, along with their strategic development capabilities in the industry, have worked to enhance their work solutions in this industry. They are also geared towards the development of operational agility and application productivity.

Services Provided

Clavax Technologies has man services to offer in the industry. They include web engineering, eCommerce development, UX design, business analysis, and CMS. In the recent past, the company started the development of product sustenance, rapid prototyping, enterprise architecture, and IT consultation services.

5. Touch Instinct

The company is also known for their provision in 360-degree capability in this industry. While the company is equipped with the best 40 IT professionals, Touch Instinct has a perfect instinct that offers capability solutions for those who need fast income generation. The company has also maintained a balance between business, application development, and design to fulfill the needs of their clients when it comes to Android application development capabilities. As a matter of fact, the company struggles to live up to their dreams in a manner that sophisticated business solutions.

Services Provided

This is a Russia-based application development company that struggles to become part of the application development solutions to the problems facing companies. For this reason, the company provides solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, and wearable application development.